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We are a boutique operation, and that gives us some flexibility with rates and terms that you can't get at a conventional brick-and-mortar operation.   
Simply call or email for a quick and painless discussion of what it'll take to get your project done. Once we converge on the vision and terms, a written Statement of Work summary will be the agreement by which we both abide. 
We accept cash, PayPal, debit cards, and credit cards.
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TedLand is the place for you to record your work.  We give you the leverage of a relaxed atmosphere, good lighting, comfort, and great monitoring to use to your advantage.


Sometimes you just need a good place for rehearsal with the bonus of a well-recorded capture of the session for all the band to review.  We can do that for you too. 


There are events and performances that are best captured as they happen in front of a live audience. TedLand has dedicated remote recording equipment that can capture up to 24 concurrent channels right there where it's happening.


We can deliver the raw tracks to you, or do the mixdown and post-production work for you.  Let us know your needs.




We strive to make each mix a showcase of audio clarity a testimony of our stellar turnaround time.  We know you're anxious to hear what you've accomplished, and we're anxious for you to tell your friends and fans about our services. Even if your project didn't start here, bring it in, and we'll work on it.


Mastering is the final polish on a project before it goes to market. We have the required high bandwidth, optimized listening environment, and will also test how your finals translate on less-than-optimal playback systems. 

Remember your vinyl records, open-reel tapes, and cassettes?   Everyone has a beloved recording on old media. Hear it again as an MP3  or CD.  We can do that for you.


Just give us a call or send email, and we'll let you know what it'll take gently escort your treasure onto modern music media.

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