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TedLand is a professional boutique recording studio located in Cary, NC, featuring the most cost-effective analog and digital tools available today. We share your passion for music, and we focus on making a big sound in an intimate setting.
  • Digital Audio Workstation software is king. It allows us to capture, recall, and massage your music.  We have top-quality music software including Pro Tools, Logic Pro X, SONAR, Studio One, Adobe Audition, Reaper, and Harrison MixBus.

  • Wherever your project starts; in your DAW software, at an outside venue, or here in the studio, we'll always do our best to make sure it ends up in a good place.

  • We can capture 30 channels at a time, and can mix hundreds of concurrent tracks in our very powerful audio computer. 

  • Mixes are reviewed on-site and are posted to our Dropbox site for your convenience. Delivery is via WAV, CD, or MP3. Other formats upon request.

  • We have multiples of a wide range of microphones available; including condensers, dynamics, and ribbons. Whatever the source, we're ready to suit your needs.

  • Considerable work has been done to create an environment were everyone can be at their creative best.  The tracking rooms feel good and sound good. More than 50 custom acoustic treatments have been strategically deployed to create spaces that work well for creation and playback of most styles of music.

  • If you can easily hear yourself, and you're able to hear the vibe of the rest of the band, then you'll deliver your best performance. We offer custom headphone mixes, with your own knob for direct "more me" controls.

  • Moreover, we have three sets of speakers for reviewing takes, mixes, and mastering. You'll know when it's right; right here.

  • Of course we want you to bring what you want to play, but sometimes that's impractical.  We have two weighted keyboards and a full acoustic drum kit ready for your use.  One of the keyboards boasts a dedicated computer with an extensive soft-synth library. If you can think of a sound, we can probably make it. 

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